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We guarantee our customers acceptable response times, quality workmanship and market related pricing. With our mobile app we would like to expand our service offerings to our customers by enabling them to request any of our services directly from the mobile app. By downloading our mobile app and requesting any of our services through the mobile app, you can save money with our loyalty rewards and we offer a 7% discount on your bill when you pay for your requested services through the app after the job has been completed! (Not applicable to quotes.) We deliver on what we promise.

Features of this Awesome App includes:
• Request a Service directly from the mobile app
• Qualify for a discount when you request your service via the app and the job has been completed
• Earn Loyalty Rewards
• Get notified of all our Specials, Competitions and Promotions via Push Notifications
• View all our service offerings 

App Tutorial

How to qualify for your 7% discount when you request your service via the mobile app.


Download App

Download the Steyn's Plumbing Mobile App from your app store (Google Play / App Store / App Gallery).

Request A Service

Click on the button called "Request A Plumber" on the main screen of the mobile app.

Complete Info

Complete all the fields in the section where you request your selected service and tap on the request button.


Once you tapped on the request button, a consultant will contact you to confirm your service request.

Job Completion

Once the job is completed by the plumber, the job will be marked as complete on the mobile app by the plumber, and the payment option will become available under the "My Requests" section of the mobile app.

My Requests

Tap on the "side menu" of the app and select the "My Requests" button. Tap on the request block. It will show job as complete and payment status as unpaid. If the job has not been marked as complete by the plumber yet, the status will show awaiting completion. Wait for the plumber to complete the job request and the payment option will become available.

Pay For The Service

On the "My Request" block you will see a green block that says "Make Payment". Tap on the green block. Select COD as payment option. Type your invoice no and the amount on the invoice. The app will calculate the 7% discount automatically once you captured the invoiced amount. Tap on EFT and the bank details for the plumber will be displayed. Write them down and once done, tap on the "close eft window" button and then tap on the "proceed" button.

Rate Our Service

Once you tapped on the "proceed" button, the service rating will appear. Please rate our service and tap on "submit rating" once done. You will be redirected to your original request block where you will see the green button that said make payment has now changed to paid. Exit the app and reopen the app. Tap on the my requests button on the side menu and you will see that your request will now show paid. Please login to your bank and make the eft payment using the bank details you wrote down.. 

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